Coal Region Connections

Here at Coal Region Connections, there is one thing that is of paramount importance to us…


Unlike most other marketing service providers or advertising agencies – we don’t spend our time & efforts creating cutesy catch-phrases, wondering what color scheme will look the best on a billboard during the late afternoon, or trying to win “Most Creative” advertising awards so we can pat ourselves on the backs…

Our sole goal is to create measurable & positive RESULTS for all of our clients.


Your friends’, peers’, brother-in-law’s, employees’, competitors’, or trade association’s opinions don’t count.

All that matters is RESULTS.

In fact, all of your marketing should be testable & measurable.

If every single dollar you’re currently spending on advertising isn’t bringing you $2… $5… $10 in return (you ARE tracking this stuff, right?!?) – then something is wrong.

    – If you’re running a business – then either your advertising efforts brings in sales so you can consistently turn a profit & grow year to year, or it doesn’t.

    – If you’re running a non-profit organization – then either your fundraising efforts brings in revenue so you can achieve your mission & continue operating, or it doesn’t.

    – If you’re running a political campaign – then either your campaign strategy & its execution gets you elected (or your issue implemented), or it doesn’t.

So how do we achieve positive RESULTS for you?

Quite frankly, it comes down to this…

There Are Just THREE COMPONENTS To Successful Marketing:

The first is the Message – what you’re saying.

The second is the Market – who you’re saying it to.

The third is the Media – how you get your message to that market in an effective, efficient, & affordable way.

Now it’s of great importance to have a “message-to-market” match.

If you don’t… there’s a good chance that your business, or non-profit organization won’t last for very long (regardless of how well it has done in the past)… especially in today’s tough economic times.

I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know – just look around & see how many businesses & non-profit organizations have gone under in the Coal Region in the past five years… three years… one year… the last six months. It’s a culling of the herd, & only the strongest will survive.

If you do have a great “message-to-market” match, the revenue you’ll generate will allow you to test various forms of media to see which provides you with the greatest Return On Investment (ROI).

This will allow you to significantly leverage your marketing efforts, out-maneuver your competitors, & capture more business (along with pocketing more profits).

With over 30 years of “in-the-trenches” experience helping Coal Region businesses grow sales, helping non-profits raise funds, & helping politicians get elected to office – I’ve kept my finger on the pulse of this area & know what works (along with what doesn’t work) when it comes to local advertising.

Here at Coal Region Connections, I’ll show you how to make the most out of every single dollar you invest into your marketing to get the RESULTS you’re looking for now, & for years to come.


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Best Wishes,

Mark M. Marek
Founder, Coal Region Connections