Political Campaigns


While working at WLSH & WMGH for 30+ years, I consulted numerous political candidates & campaign teams… providing overall marketing strategy, radio commercial production, & multi-media buying advice.

Today, as the Founder of Coal Region Connections, I consult with local politicians & campaign managers at various stages of their campaigns.

As you probably already know – there is no such thing as the “best” or “perfect” campaign strategy.

However, when you consider these five factors below – you can greatly improve your chances of winning during the next special election, primary election, or general election.

#1) Are You A Challenger, An Incumbent, Or Are You Running For An Open-Seat?

    The difference between running as an Incumbent, & running as a Challenger is very significant.

    Incumbents have track records to run on. Of course, they also have a track record that can be attacked by their opponent.

    More often than not, Challengers have trouble raising money, & often must spend time & resources increasing their name & message recognition among voters.

    In Open-Seat races, it seems that anything goes… & you may have to compete against multiple candidates.

    This is just the start of things to consider for your coming campaign…

#2) Are You Well-Funded… Or Under-Funded?

    Are you familiar with the lowest unit political rates that apply to radio & television?

    If you or your candidate is wealthy or well-connected… you’ll find it far easier to afford a full-time staff, & spend on multi-media campaigns.

    However, if you’re under-funded, you’ll need to rely on volunteers, grass-roots marketing tactics, & other less conventional marketing materials & approaches.

#3) What Is Your (Or Your Candidate’s) Background?

    How do/will people perceive you (or your candidate)?

    Experienced in politics?

    How about in business?

    Do you (or your candidate) have special knowledge or experience with a particular issue?

    Do you (or your candidate) have a built-in “voter base” in a particular neighborhood, or among a particular demographic?

#4) Who Is Your Opponent? How Much Do You Really Know About Him/Her?

    Is he/she well-funded, or under-funded?

    Is he/she a Challenger, an Incumbent, or is he/she running for an Open-Seat?

    What is his/her background?

    What are his/her personal success/failures? Professional successes/failures? Political successes/failures?

#5) What Are The Defining Issues Of This Particular Election?

    What issues are the MOST important to voters?

    What is your message to speak to these issues in a consistent & persuasive manner?

    What groups of voters can get you the most votes when you focus on these particular issues at the expense of other issues?


Just like a good doctor cannot prescribe a treatment without first diagnosing what is going on with a patient – we cannot in good conscience recommend what campaign strategies will work best for you until we understand each of the five factors mentioned above.

This is why we first conduct a campaign Marketing Review, which lasts approximately four hours & is conducted at your home or campaign headquarters at a time convenient for us both.

During this time, we’ll decide on a plan of action for your campaign and decide in which capacity we’ll work together. (***Please see Special Note below.)

Your one-time investment for this service is $500 (which is 100% tax-deductible).

But before you make such an investment – I’d encourage you to schedule a FREE 20-minute phone consultation with me, during which I become familiar with you & your campaign… & whether it would make sense for us to work together.

To schedule your FREE, 20-minute phone consultation now, CLICK HERE, & write in the email subject line: Phone Consultation With Mark.

*** Special Note One last thing… in order to eliminate any conflicts of interest – I’ll only work with the first candidate for a particular office (or campaign manager for a particular issue/cause being voted on) that conducts a campaign Marketing Review. So don’t wait, schedule your consultation call today.