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If you’re a Speaking Coordinator or Event Planner looking for keynote speakers at workshops, seminars, or business networking meetings… then I may be able to bring some significant value to the attendees at your event.

If you’re a business owner, or Marketing/Sales Director – check out the special half-day workshop training session I offer below the Keynote Talks.


I currently offer the following keynote talks (each lasts 45-60 minutes depending on whether or not there’s a Question & Answer session for attendees)…

The “Right” Way To Advertise On The Radio

Every minute of every day… thousands of dollars are wasted on local radio commercials because of weak, ineffective radio copy.

In this presentation, you & your attendees will discover:

    1. The five things you DON’T want to hear in your next radio commercial!

    2. What specific types of radio stations to advertise on, & what times to run your commercials based on your target market (DO NOT get this wrong, or you’ll only waste your hard-earned money!)

    3. Why you MUST have a call-to-action in your commercials to determine their ROI

    4. And much, much more…

Is Your Media Rep A “True Consultant” Or Just An “Order Taker?”

Not all media reps look out for the best interests of their clients. In fact, many are just looking for a quick sale… an easy commission… & making a monthly sales goal for their company.

In this presentation, you & your attendees will discover:

    1. How to tell if a media rep is looking out for your best interest within the first five minutes of meeting him/her (Ignore this at your own peril!)

    2. What to truly expect both short-term & long-term when working with ad agencies

    3. How to do an “apples-to-apples” comparison when working with different media reps so you get the most value for your money

    4. And much, much more…

My Top 20 Tips For Making Money With EVERY Ad You Use!

Since the mid-1970s, with my finger on the pulse of the Coal Region – I’ve discovered what works (along with what doesn’t work) when it comes to advertising to local consumers & businesses.

In this presentation, you & your attendees will discover:

    1. How to negotiate the best rates (and placements) for ALL of your newspaper ads

    2. Despite the ubiquity of the Internet – Yellow page advertising is NOT dead… especially when you use these little-known phone book advertising tactics to make your business the pre-eminent choice among ALL your competitors

    3. What specific types of offers work BEST during various times of the year

    4. And much, much more…

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I currently offer the following half-day workshop training for retailers, contractors, & professional practices (doctors, attorneys, accountants, etc) in the Coal Region.

It’s called…

Maximizing Your Profits By Maximizing Your Customer’s Shopping Experience

How do you treat new, prospective (along with existing) customers/clients when they call or walk into your place of business?

The most successful businesses & practices have an entire set of systems & processes in place for new prospective customers, along with existing customers.

I’ve discovered that if you make a few small changes to how you operate your business & treat your customers – it can make a significant difference in how much money you make during the initial transaction, future transactions, & with referral business.

All totaled – by making these few changes, you could easily increase your monthly sales by 20%… 35%… even as much as 50%.

But it gets even better…

In addition to bumping up your monthly sales, the new systems & processes I’ll share with you & your team during this half-day training could literally multiply the Lifetime Value of each customer/client who walks through your door – adding to the long-term profitability & value of the business (in case you ever think of selling your business/practice in the future).

Before I conduct this training for your team – I’ll have to observe & understand your existing systems & processes for working with customers/clients. We can accomplish this during a comprehensive Marketing Review, which takes about four hours at your place of business. At that time, we’ll schedule the half-day training.

However, before we even get to any of that – I encourage you to set up a FREE 20-minute phone consultation by CLICKING HERE so I can learn more about you and your business…