Our Services

Here at Coal Region Connections – we provide several unique marketing services to help you grow your customer base, increase your sales, & lower your advertising costs.

You can learn about each below, but all services begin with…


Just like a good doctor cannot prescribe a treatment without first diagnosing what is going on with a patient – we cannot in good conscience recommend what marketing methods & sales strategies will work best for your business… until we understand how your business works.

This is why we first conduct a comprehensive marketing review, which lasts approximately four hours & is conducted at your place of business at a time convenient for us both.

During your marketing review, we’ll analyze & assess everything your business does from a marketing standpoint including (but not limited to):

    – Lead generation efforts

    – Your current advertising (television, radio, newspaper, online, direct mail)

    – New customer acquisition

    – Customer/client retention

    – Cross-selling & up-selling products & services

    – Growing the lifetime value of each customer

    – Public relations & media exposure

Plus, during your review – I’ll reveal ways to most profitably advertise your business – generating your highest return on investment (ROI); which media to use; & create an action plan for the next three months.

Investment: Your one-time investment for this service is $500 (which is 100% tax-deductible).

But before you make such an investment – I’d encourage you to schedule a FREE 20-minute phone consultation with me, during which I become familiar with you & your business… & whether it would make sense for us to work together.

(After all, if you don’t currently advertise & don’t have an ad budget to drive sales, retain existing customers, & acquire new customers – it simply wouldn’t be a good fit for us to work together.)

To schedule your FREE 20-minute phone consultation now, CLICK HERE & write in the email subject line: Phone Consultation With Mark.


Once we create a 3-month action plan during your comprehensive Marketing Review, we’ll determine who will implement the marketing strategies we planned, & continue implementing them on an ongoing basis.

Some strategies may be able to be implemented by the business owner… others may be able to be done by someone on your staff… or you could simply decide to outsource some or all of your ongoing marketing tasks to us.

Of course, each client’s situation will be different, & each will have different goals.

Many just need help with overall marketing strategy, & applying some best practices.

Others need help creating marketing materials (websites, blog content, newsletters, sales copy, brochures, business cards, etc.).

And some would like to start or expand their advertising via the Internet, television, radio, & local newspapers.

So no matter what your situation – we’re available to assist you with your ongoing marketing needs so you can achieve your business goals.

We can help you implement individual strategies on an as-needed basis, or we can implement multiple strategies/tasks & work on an ongoing monthly retainer.

We’ve discovered that many business owners today prefer outsourcing most (& sometimes all) of their marketing to save on the costs of hiring in-house marketing employees.

This approach could allow you to accomplish all your marketing tasks, increase your revenue, & achieve your business goals – without having to worry about recruiting/hiring/training others… or having to pay the employer’s share of their income taxes, Social Security taxes, Medicare taxes, unemployment taxes, etc.

Costs for our services vary – depending on your unique situation, but we’ll be able to determine what makes the most financial sense for you during your comprehensive Marketing Review as mentioned above.


You may have heard one of 20,000+ radio commercials I developed & produced for business owners, political candidates, self-employed professionals, & non-profit groups at radio stations WLSH-AM & WMGH-FM over the past three decades.

Because I’ve been in the advertising industry for over 30 years & know many account execs & sales managers at TV & radio stations, cable, phone books & newspapers in the area – I’m able to negotiate far better advertising rates & special deals for my clients than they’d be able to get on their own.

With me writing & producing commercials & reserving air-time (radio) or negotiating display ad space (newspaper) or assisting with production details (television) – this service alone could easily save you thousands (maybe even tens of thousands) of dollars each & every year depending on how much you currently advertise.

Plus, you’d never have to worry about dealing with numerous ad reps. We can take care of ALL your media planning & buying… allowing you to focus on what you do best – running your business.

More importantly, if we were to work together – I’ll even show you how to generate the most profits from every single advertising dollar you spend via radio, television, newspaper, yellow pages, direct mail, & the Internet.

Costs for this service works on a sliding scale, depending on how much advertising you’d like to do each month. However, we believe you’ll find them very affordable, & we can provide you with more details during your comprehensive Marketing Review.


If you’re unsure of what to do – here’s what I suggest…

Simply email me right now by CLICKING HERE to schedule your FREE 20-minute phone consultation, & write in the email subject line: Phone Consultation With Mark.

Also, in your email – let me know the best phone number to reach you at, along with three days & times that work best for you.

Then, I’ll check my existing schedule & reply back to you within two business days to confirm the day & time for our call.

Again, this call is completely risk-free to you.

Better yet, I’m not going to try to “sell you” on me or my marketing services.

In fact, I think you’ll be refreshingly surprised that the call will completely revolve around you & your business.

After 20 minutes on the phone, you’ll have a good feeling if we should simply part as friends… or if we should set up a time to meet in person for a comprehensive Marketing Review like I mentioned above.

Please know, my schedule is limited… so EMAIL ME now to set up your FREE consultation call before the openings for this month are gone. You’ll be happy you did…